Best Life Insurance Companies for Seniors of 2022

Some people may wonder whether life insurance is necessary for seniors since their family home is likely paid off and their children are likely no longer financially dependent on them. However, some seniors may still have mortgages or other debt. They may also worry about the financial security of their spouses and/or dependents. Life insurance […]

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Life Insurance For Diabetics

If you’re among the more than 26 million American adults with diabetes, you typically can buy life insurance, particularly if the disease is under control. However, coverage will likely come at a steeper price than coverage for someone without diabetes. Still, having a life insurance policy can ensure that your loved ones have a secure […]

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Your Business Needs Insurance

Many startups perceive insurance as a luxury, shelving it until they are further along in the company’s lifecycle. However, any business serious about sustainable growth should not postpone this decision. There is always a risk is involved in the process of starting and growing a company. Having adequate insurance is key to the success of […]

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The cost of car insurance is going up too—here’s why

The pandemic sparked a shift in the world of car insurance. Despite providing customers an estimated $16.4 billion in refunds, auto insurance profits increased as fewer Americans drove and the number of auto claims dropped. But the pandemic continues to shift the industry, and now an increase in insurance costs is expected this year. Supply-chain […]

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State of the car insurance market in 2022

Shopping for car insurance can be frustrating. Everything from your neighborhood, age and credit score to the type of vehicle you drive can influence your rates. All the best car insurance companies advertise discounts and low rates, but which ones are actually affordable? We at the Home Media reviews team took a deep dive into […]

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