Here’s Why The Home Insurance Market Matters

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The home insurance market is experiencing unprecedented volatility, which has significant implications for homeowners, mortgage lenders and prospective homebuyers. Two key trends have emerged in this landscape. Firstly, it’s more challenging to acquire insurance as home insurance carriers are imposing restrictions on new business and rapidly exiting specific markets. Secondly, the cost of home insurance […]

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3 Things Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover That Could Come as a Surprise

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When buying homeowners insurance, most people expect that they will be protected against losses that they face with their property. After all, the point of buying insurance is so a disaster does not empty a property owner’s bank account and destroy their financial security. Unfortunately, while home insurance policies cover lots of possible sources of […]

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Do You Know What Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover?

sick dog with a ice bag

Pet insurance benefits can come as a big relief to people facing unexpected or exorbitant veterinary expenses, but individual pet-insurance policies differ from one to the next. Like medical insurance for people, many pet-insurance policies cover accidents and injuries, and they exclude costs related to serious illnesses or hereditary conditions. It’s also key to note […]

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Best Pet Insurance For Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier Dog at the beach

Many considerations go into finding the best pet insurance for your Boston Terrier. Our comprehensive guide explores common health concerns for this breed and the different factors to think about when choosing the right pet insurance to protect your pup and your wallet. We also review several companies to provide our recommendations for Boston Terrier […]

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What Does Pet Insurance For Cats Cover?

American shorthair cat hugging her kitten with love

Pet insurance, including insurance for cats and kittens, is designed to cover emergencies. Preventive care, like annual exams and vaccines, usually isn’t included. According to the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center, the most common reasons that cats need emergency veterinary care include eating something dangerous, fracturing a bone, and having blocked urine tubes. Two other common […]

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