Cold weather not a friend of pipes

Cold weather not a friend of pipes

by Admin, February 16, 2019

Kevin Behan is with AdvantaClean and in this Q5, he talks about the dangers of cold weather.

Is the cold weather we’ve been having a danger to pipes in our homes?
Bitter cold weather has hit the Midwest recently with temperatures dipping below zero. That means pipes in homes are in danger of freezing and bursting, leading to an emergency call to the plumber and expensive water damage in the house. 
The freezing temperatures of winter pose a major threat to water lines in a home or office. It can be inconvenient and costly, but it is also preventable. 

How costly is not protecting pipes against frigid temperatures?
According to the Institute for Business and Home Safety, over the past decade, insurance companies have paid out $4 billion in claims for frozen, burst pipes.



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