First-Time Car Buyer Guide: Tools and Resources

First-Time Car Buyer Guide: Tools and Resources

by Admin, July 19, 2016

There are only a few daily essentials in life considered large purchases and they often require financing – a car is one of them. Those factors alone can make buying your first car intimidating, but when coupled with haggling and other car-shopping pain points, it can also be overwhelming. Make purchasing a vehicle less stressful by following this 3-step approach and using our handy tools and resources below.

1. Finance – Use the tools below to learn about financing options. Then, get pre-approved for an auto loan online, so you know what type of car you can afford to simplify the research phase.

2. Find – Now comes the fun. These resources can help you find the right car for you and your budget – all from the comfort of your home.

3. Buy – Once you’ve narrowed your car selection, head to the dealership. And if you’re pre-approved for a loan, you can access your application from any device and complete the paperwork.

Getting educated can make your first car-buying experience less stressful. Let Nationwide help make it even easier with our car loan service.

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