How Do I Prepare Myself to Speak in Public?

How Do I Prepare Myself to Speak in Public?

by Admin, December 17, 2019

Does the idea of speaking in front of a large crowd terrify you? You’re not alone. In fact, for many small business owners who suffer from performance anxiety, the fear of public speaking can be absolutely paralyzing. But as difficult as it might seem, there are several steps you can take to help diminish your stage fright. In episode #126, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin discuss how small business owners can ease the stress of public speaking through proper rehearsal and preparation.

Executive Summary

0:29—Today’s Topic: How Do You Prepare Yourself for a Public Speaking Engagement?

2:18—When you give a new speech for the first time, accept that it’s not going to be perfect.

3:13—The first step in preparing for your new speech is to create an outline; this will guide all of your initial research.

5:09—Once you put the finishing touches on your PowerPoint slides, rehearse your presentation until you feel comfortable with it. While memorization isn’t necessary, you should have a clear understanding of your speech’s progression.

5:57—The most effective speeches are those that sound conversational, so keep your tone as natural and relaxed as possible. Resist any temptation to read directly off of your slides.

7:25—When the time comes to actually give your speech, take a deep breath before you begin. Take your time with the pacing and just focus on your audience.

8:13—If you need extra practice, volunteer to speak at your local Rotary clubs and Lion’s clubs. Toastmasters is another organization that can teach you the fundamentals of public speaking. Once you’re ready, you can apply to the National Speakers Association.