These Are The Cars That Are The Cheapest To Insure For 2022

These Are The Cars That Are The Cheapest To Insure For 2022

by Nick Reiter, June 8, 2022

As if motorists aren’t already facing spiking new-vehicle prices and fuel costs, their car insurance premiums are likewise costing more than ever these days.

A while back we quoted a report that predicted, with more Americans returning to their daily commutes and road trips, car insurance premiums would increase by about 0.6% this year. That’s exactly what’s happening according to the annual lists of average insurance costs conducted.

Last year, for example, the Honda CR-V compact crossover SUV cost, on average, $1,285 annually to insure, while the latest figures peg the cost at $1,366. A Subaru Outback that commanded an average yearly premium of $1,330 in 2021 now demands $1,407 for the same coverage.

Auto insurance premiums are based largely on largely intractable variables like a motorist’s driving record, age, gender, marital status, and where he or she lives. One’s credit rating can often also affect rates. By those standards, a young, unmarried male driver having tickets and/or at-fault accidents and poor credit who resides in a big city will pay the most for coverage among all motorists.

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