Equine Farm & Industry Insurance

Learn More About Equine Farm & Industry Insurance Insurance Coverage

As a horse owner, you are a breed unto yourself when it comes to insurance coverage – you are subject to unique risks every time your horse comes in contact with other people or property.

Equine-related liability lawsuits occur more frequently than commonly believed, and you may not be covered under your homeowner’s liability.

Horse professionals and Horse sporting events, including trainers, farriers, farm managers, horse camps, horse shows, and races, also need to protect themselves in the event that a horse in their care, or at their event injures someone or causes property damage..

Farm packages are available specifically for horse farms providing breeding services, boarding, and training.  The packages include liability, property coverage for your home and personal property, barn, machinery, tack, and livestock.  Additionally, equine mortality coverage is available to remunerate you for the death, theft, or humane destruction of a covered horse.

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