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How Does Auto Insurance Work for Multicar Pile-Ups?

How Does Auto Insurance Work for Multicar Pile-Ups?

On a single day in February 2021, Americans saw horrific images of the wreckage and carnage of three multicar pile-ups that occurred on icy roads in Texas. The worst of them, a 133-car pile-up on a highway in Fort Worth, killed six motorists. On a highway in nearby Dallas, one motorist died in an 18-car pile-up. Farther to the south, on a highway in the state capital of Austin, a 26-car pile-up sent five people to the hospital.

While the accident scenes were promptly cleaned up, it’ll take far longer to sort out the auto insurance implications of these crashes. In the wake of these wrecks, you may be wondering how auto insurance companies deal with claims when several vehicles are involved in a single crash.

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