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How Life Insurance Shopping Has Changed During The Pandemic

How Life Insurance Shopping Has Changed During The Pandemic

The pandemic got a lot of people thinking about how to increase the financial security of their families, now and in the future. And life insurance moved to the top of many to-do lists.
A survey conducted in May and June 2020 by Life Happens, an industry-funded education group, found that 67% of Americans say that the pandemic has been a wake-up call for them to examine their finances. And 30% say that life insurance has been one of the top topics for dinner table discussion.
“It’s unfortunate it takes an event like this to remind us that we’re all mortal and just one unforeseen event away from needing that policy. Things happen—accidents happen, pandemics happen—and it’s important we are protected,” says Brooks Tingle, president and CEO of John Hancock Insurance.
Whether you’ve been putting off buying life insurance for years or it has suddenly hit your radar, there’s never a bad time to make a financial plan and lock in coverage. Life insurance companies and agencies quickly implemented plans to work around the hurdles of the pandemic, while at the same time handling an increase in applications.
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