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How To Create a Home Inventory

How To Create a Home Inventory

If you experience a disaster and need to file a claim with an insurance company, it will be extremely helpful to have a completed inventory of your possessions. After the disaster, you’ll contact the insurance company to report details of the loss – but what will you tell them if you can’t remember what was in the house? If you have completed a home inventory, you’re way ahead of the game! Here’s how you can start:
Take a pen and paper. Find a seat and close your eyes. Now list everything in your home. An impossible task?  Consider how hard it would be to do this after your home had taken a major hit in a disaster, and many or most of your possessions were gone.
What Is a Home Inventory?
A home inventory is simply a record of the contents of your home. The record can be in writing, on video, or a series of labeled photos. What’s most important is that a home inventory can serve as the basis for preparing a complete statement of losses if a disaster should strike, helping to get a claim processed more easily and quickly.

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