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How to tackle the home maintenance to-do list you ignored during the pandemic

How to tackle the home maintenance to-do list you ignored during the pandemic

More than a year into the pandemic, we’re all suffering from overexposure to our own homes. We’ve had more time to contemplate and less motivation to tackle the out-of-whack elements in our houses and apartments — the minor repairs that have seemingly taken up permanent residence on our to-do lists.

You know the ones I mean. That irksome window you can’t open because it has a ripped screen. Or that rattling bathroom fan that infuriates you every time you flip it on.

“During COVID, people were so physically and mentally worn out trying to keep our families safe that our houses went to hell,” says Caroline Carter, founder and chief executive of Bethesda, Maryland-based Done in a Day, a move-management company.

“Our house has been a safe haven over the past 15 months. And now it’s time to show it some love, especially on things that beep, squeak or creak,” says Carter, author of “Smart Moves: How to Save Time and Money While Transitioning Your Home and Life.”

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