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Is a Hotel a Safe Place During COVID-19? Here’s What to Look For

Is a Hotel a Safe Place During COVID-19? Here’s What to Look For

For many of us, this will be remembered as the summer we spent at home.
If home just isn’t cutting it, you may be planning a getaway at your favorite hotel or a physically distant escape to a picturesque Airbnb.
Hotels and Airbnbs are happy to hear that, and many of them are doing a lot to protect you and their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“They’re welcomed with a smile — or as best you can interpret it through a mask,” said Jeff Bay, managing director of Hotel Ketchum in Idaho, told Healthline.
Bay said that customers are returning this month as a slew of new safety measures, such as plexiglass and physical distancing requirements, have been put in place.
As more states reopen and people consider venturing out of the comforts of home, we asked experts to weigh in on whether it’s safe to hang your hat in a hotel or Airbnb, what safety measures to look out for during your stay, and whether you need to make room in your bag for your own cleaning supplies.
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