What Our Clients Are Saying…

I’ve been a client for the last 10 or more years and I don’t think there is another insurance company that would satisfy me more than the folks at Famous & Spang Associates. They respond to me quick with any of my questions or a concern and explain in ways I can understand. Greg especially has given me wonderful service and I’m very happy.

– Cory Hackmer

The attention I received from John has been outstanding. I’ve received many reminder calls and top quality service. Famous & Spang is local, friendly, prompt, and HELPFUL!

– Tina Roy

Very nice and appropriate people. Greg is a good business man. I would highly recommend anyone to Famous and Spang. Greg is always available, and always there for me, I just give him a call on his cell.

– Danielle Wolfe

Very personalized attention from Greg. He is very kind, professional, and always communicating with us whenever we need him. I would highly recommend Greg at Famous & Spang.

– Krista Johnson

We used to work with another insurance company. Someone passed away there, and then we came across Famous and Spang. If I leave a message, they answer immediately, they are very polite and respectful. No matter how many times I ask the same questions, they are very professional and answer me every time. I am a very satisfied customer.

– Matt Brown

Very responsive, helpful, and understanding. Always approach you in a friendly manner. They always make sure I am satisfied, and make sure I am aware of any changes in my policy or discounts. As far as I am concerned, best insurance provider around!

– Angie Jenkins

I have worker with Famous and Spang for many years. More recently we have been working with Greg and he is just phenomenal. He knew we were over-insured and saved me thousands of dollars. I have since referred many people to him!

– Nancy Bennett

We have been with Famous & Spang for quite some time and have been very pleased. We have our homeowners and auto with them, and we always feel taken care of.

– Carmen Lenton

I am so happy I have Greg as my insurance agent now. He is really on his business game, and extremely proficient in all areas. He communicates with me regularly, and is always on top of his profession.

– Kirk Brighten