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Summer Internships at Famous & Spang Associates

Summer Internships at Famous & Spang Associates

Famous & Spang Associates (F&S), a family-owned and family-operated insurance agency established in 1909 and located in Harford County, Maryland, is proud to announce the recent hiring of two summer interns: Rafiat Matti and Maliah Karjikar.
Rafiat and Maliah, while at Edgewood High School, have participated in The Academy of Finance, an educational program with a highly selective student-acceptance rate.  It teaches life skills at an advanced level and provides opportunities for students and businesses to collaborate.  Our new interns embraced The Academy’s program, emerging with outstanding expertise, particularly in computing and communication, equipping them for internships with us in the complex business of insurance.  Their accomplishments were confirmed by members of The Academy as well as by employers Greg Bennett, Mary Clare McGraw, and Craig Arruda of F&S.
rafiatIntroducing Rafiat Matti
Rafiat Matti has been in the The Academy of Finance program since her Freshman year of high school.  At the end of her Sophomore year, she was able to obtain an internship working directly with the members of NAFTrack.  NAFTrack Certification confirms that a student has achieved the highest levels of college and career readiness.  Created by education and business leaders, it measures student performance through career-related coursework, internship performance, and the successful completion of high school.  Through this, she has met with local businesses, such as TruCycling Studio, to help create social media ads with other interns.  During her Junior year, she joined the Ram Branch of the APG Federal Credit Union (APGFCU), the first student-run credit union connected with the APGFCU, which is the fifth largest credit union in the state of Maryland.  At the Ram Branch, located in the high school, Rafiat worked as a telemarketer.  She conducted transactions and promoted the Branch during lunch time, when she educated students on financial literacy and signed them up for accounts.  Now entering her Senior year, she is the marketing manager of the Branch.  Outside of her business pursuits, Rafiat is on the dance team and plays softball, all while taking AP and dual enrollment classes to get herself ready for college. She is also a member of the National Honor Society.  Rafiat is proud to be a new addition to Famous and Spang Associates and is looking forward to making good use of the knowledge she has gained of the business world.
maliahIntroducing Maliah Karjikar
Maliah Karjikar, a new member of the Academy of Finance program, takes pride in her academic achievements: First Place in the Harford County Speech and Debate program; membership in Mu Alpha Theta, the national mathematics honor society; as well as membership in other clubs and honor societies.  Additionally, her diligence in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, which integrates collegiate-level academic and life skills, resulted in an impressive GPA of 4.75.  Maliah also takes pride in her community involvement through the IB program, which offers such volunteering opportunities as aiding in the organization of events and fundraising and connecting personally with families as well.  Maliah excels in technological proficiency through her integration of artistic ability, structure and organization, and software literacy.  She is grateful for the opportunity to use these skills while employed by us.
We at Famous & Spang Associates are excited to be working with these talented interns, and we encourage you to get to know them as well.  Keep an eye out for their progress and feel free to contact us.

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