Umbrella Insurance Is The New Liability Coverage

It seems as though the wealthier an individual is, the higher the risk of being sued. It’s just one of the downsides of being affluent, especially if that person is also a business owner. In opportunistic lawsuits, primary policies like standard car insurance, home insurance and a business owner’s policy do not fully protect a […]

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Reduce bin entry risk with lockout/tagout procedures

Safe bin-entry procedures like lockout/tagout can help reduce the risk of grain entrapment, grain engulfment and entanglement. Grain bins can be extremely dangerous, but implementing safe bin-entry procedures like lockout/tagout can help reduce the risk of grain entrapment, grain engulfment and entanglement. Lockout/tagout is a simple, inexpensive method that helps ensure all necessary equipment is de-energized and […]

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‘Hands-free’ laws would make roads safer

by Kirt Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Nationwide Insurance We’ve all been there, behind “that” driver. The one driving erratically with one hand on the wheel, the other hand holding a mobile device, looking down and typing, oblivious to the people he is endangering around him or in his own car. And with the Cellular Telecommunications Industry […]

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12 essentials for your mobile DIY car detailing kit

When it comes to prepping your car for a show, you need a Goodfellas “shine box” stocked with detailing essentials to make your car stand out. I try to keep it simple, with a small container that holds everything and fits everywhere—the trunk, the back seat, the passenger footwell. Plastic or aluminum hard cases work, as does […]

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10 of the Best Cars for Snow in 2020

When your car doesn’t fare well in the snow and ice, winter can be a challenging time to get around. If you live in an area that gets hit hard, it may be time to consider a vehicle better suited for snowy weather. Here’s a look at 10 models from US News and Auto Guide […]

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What to Consider When Planning for a Family

Starting a family is a decision that requires some careful considerations, including thinking about any career issues that might arise and assessing your emotional readiness. During the planning process, getting your finances in order is a good first step. Having a child can be costly. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, parents spend nearly $14,000 a […]

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