30-Day Challenge: Random Acts of Kindness

Did you know that performing random acts of kindness can profoundly affect your attitude, outlook and even your health? That’s according to the Mayo Clinic, which also says practicing kind acts can “rewire your brain” to help you be more present to others while boosting your mood. For some people, the more random an act of kindness […]

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Do You Know About These 8 Surprising Heart Attack Triggers?

You probably already know many of the factors that increase your risk of a heart attack, which occurs when blood flow to the heart is blocked. These include: A family history of cardiovascular events Obesity Diabetes Stress Lack of exercise Smoking Excessive drinking Uncontrolled high blood pressure and high cholesterol According to the Centers for Disease […]

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Four Popular Diets: Is One Right for You?

There are so many popular diets these days that it can be difficult to sort fad from functional, especially when your best friend, relative, or neighbor swears by their fancy new way of eating. Finding a diet that helps you develop better eating habits is extremely beneficial, and special diets are especially necessary for those […]

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Second Time Around: How to Shine When Raising Your Children’s Children

According to recent research, the number of grandparents raising their grandchildren is on the rise: In 2016 The Pew Charitable Trusts reported that 2.9 million Americans were “custodial grandparents,” with legal responsibility for raising their children’s children. And, according to U.S. Census data, 1.5 million of these custodial grandparents are still in the workforce. Grandparents may take on parenting responsibilities […]

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Online Reputation Management: Why It’s Important and How to Protect Yourself and Your Small Business

Your business’s good reputation is one of its greatest assets. It differentiates you from the competition, and customers will pay a premium to do business with a reliable company they can trust. In the past, a business’s reputation was established over time by word of mouth. Today, thanks to the Internet, reputations can quickly rise […]

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