8 Tips for Enhancing Home Safety for Elderly Family Members and Older Adults

Many adults prefer to remain in their homes as they age. After all, it’s comfortable, familiar, and—well, it’s home. As people age, however, and mobility and response time slows down a bit, minor safety hazards around the house can become more significant. For the elderly (and their concerned relatives), taking a few basic home safety […]

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Whoa! Do I have enough Life Insurance?

If you have a partner/spouse, child, or elderly parent dependent on your income, you have a need for life insurance. The question: “Am I keeping up with the need?” If you are not checking your need versus your coverage on a regular basis, you may be putting your loved ones in a precarious situation. Welcoming […]

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Mobile Home Insurance Market Growth Report

This report is a product of a comprehensive analysis of the Mobile Home Insurance market Trends and Forecast upto 2030. This report covers an exhaustive study of the data that affects the market with respect to the manufactures, suppliers, market players, and customers. The report also includes an overview of the technological applications and strategies […]

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Urgent warning for drivers to avoid common car insurance loopholes that could cause huge bills if things go wrong

When researchers analyzed 73 elements of insurance across 49 policies from 34 insurers, they found a number of problems many drivers will encounter won’t be covered. While almost all policies provided personal belongings cover, which helps drivers replace or repair items damaged or stolen from the car, not all possessions are included. Just two policies […]

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