Car Insurance Discounts

Get the Most Out of Your Car Insurance Coverage – For Less* Get a quote today and see how bundling multiple policies, a safe driving history or low mileage can make all the difference on your monthly premium. Because, no matter your individual insurance needs, everyone wants to save on car insurance. Multi-Policy Discount There […]

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Spring Driving Tips

Winter may be most known for its treacherous driving conditions, but spring also can be a difficult season for driving. From wind and rain to wildlife emerging from hibernation, spring driving can be challenging in its own right. It is possible to enjoy the ride, however. By being aware of possible obstacles, increased traffic and […]

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Meditation for Older Adults

Meditation may bring to mind images of spirituality and solitude—of quiet, candlelit rooms in sacred spaces with music playing softly in the background. But the beauty of meditation is in its simplicity and accessibility: The benefits touch people of all ages, wherever they are able to find time and space to practice it. The increasing […]

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Home Maintenance: When DIY is a Don’t

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to do a project yourself (DIY) or outsource home maintenance tasks. They include: Cost Safety Your skill level How much extra time you have If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll probably choose to do some tasks yourself while hiring a qualified professional for others. With that in mind, […]

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Spring Preparations for Your Home

Your house can take a beating in the winter months. Ice dams, hail and heavy snow can cause damage to your roof, chimney and attic. To assess any damage that the cold winter left behind, start by inspecting your roof. Luckily, you don’t need to climb onto a ladder to do so. You can use a a pair of […]

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Spring Preparations for Your Vehicle

Spring Preparations for Your Vehicle If you’ve been driving your vehicle all winter, here are several maintenance tips that are strongly recommended: Check Your Tire Pressure Gases expand when they’re heared. This means that as the weather gets warmer, you run the risk of driving on overinflated tires. Be sure to check your tire pressure to ensure […]

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Decor Enhancement Ideas for Spring

Prepping your home for spring isn’t limited to checking for damage and destruction though. The warm weather, increased sunlight and beautiful colors of nature are what make spring such a great time of year. With a few tricks you can enhance your home to fully welcome the season. You can brighten up any room and […]

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