Did You Know?: Unveiling Surprising Car Insurance Facts with Famous & Spang Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, many drivers are familiar with the basics—coverage types, premiums, and claims. However, there are numerous fascinating and lesser-known aspects of car insurance that might surprise you. Join Famous & Spang Insurance as we unveil some intriguing facts that could change the way you think about auto insurance. Conclusion:At Famous […]

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Urgent warning for drivers to avoid common car insurance loopholes that could cause huge bills if things go wrong

When researchers analyzed 73 elements of insurance across 49 policies from 34 insurers, they found a number of problems many drivers will encounter won’t be covered. While almost all policies provided personal belongings cover, which helps drivers replace or repair items damaged or stolen from the car, not all possessions are included. Just two policies […]

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The cost of car insurance is going up too—here’s why

The pandemic sparked a shift in the world of car insurance. Despite providing customers an estimated $16.4 billion in refunds, auto insurance profits increased as fewer Americans drove and the number of auto claims dropped. But the pandemic continues to shift the industry, and now an increase in insurance costs is expected this year. Supply-chain […]

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State of the car insurance market in 2022

Shopping for car insurance can be frustrating. Everything from your neighborhood, age and credit score to the type of vehicle you drive can influence your rates. All the best car insurance companies advertise discounts and low rates, but which ones are actually affordable? We at the Home Media reviews team took a deep dive into […]

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How to Lower Your Car Insurance in 2022

At the start of every new year, people set goals. Many of the most common resolutions set during the new year are financial in nature. For instance, some people resolve to pay off their debt before the year ends. Others want to decrease their spending and save money. If you’re one of those people who […]

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