Your Business Needs Insurance

Many startups perceive insurance as a luxury, shelving it until they are further along in the company’s lifecycle. However, any business serious about sustainable growth should not postpone this decision. There is always a risk is involved in the process of starting and growing a company. Having adequate insurance is key to the success of […]

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Online Reputation Management: Why It’s Important and How to Protect Yourself and Your Small Business

Your business’s good reputation is one of its greatest assets. It differentiates you from the competition, and customers will pay a premium to do business with a reliable company they can trust. In the past, a business’s reputation was established over time by word of mouth. Today, thanks to the Internet, reputations can quickly rise […]

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What Does Cash Flow Mean in Business and How Much Cash is Too Much Cash?

Every small business owner knows that cash is king. Keeping cash flowing is critical to the survival and eventual success of your business. So, yeah, cash flow—as documented in your cash flow statement—is very important for a business. But wait…is there such a thing as having too much cash? Believe it or not, there is such a thing, and […]

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